Success Stories

Top executives from industry leaders that have invested in Morocco offer experienced insights into the competitiveness of the country’s value proposition.


Gideon Jewel, President, Global JIT Operations, Lear Corporation

“What started off small grew into a significant footprint with many factories and 17,000 employees now, making it the largest country by workforce within Lear Europe and Africa. It’s been a fantastic journey for us; a journey that we feel still has many miles left and further potential opportunities to expand.”


“Morocco has a pharmaceutical industry of more than 60 years standing containing cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge companies and factories that manufacture everything from tablets to vaccines.”


“The kingdom is clearly one of the pillars of our “Renaulution” strategic plan, with which we are directing the group’s activity toward more value creation. We have the assets to get there and Morocco is one of them.”


“Morocco makes a lot of sense for the global aerospace industry at the moment. People are looking to shorten supply chains or lower costs and Morocco ticks a lot of boxes in terms of its well-established presence and performance.”


“Morocco is one of the places to be in the world today in terms of international sourcing. Morocco has great assets—not only for the textile sector, but for all industries.”


““EDF Renewables has decided on Casablanca as the hub for our wider North and West African ambitions, ensuring our presence in the country for the long-term, be it for domestic or regional projects.”